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5G Techritory

5G Techritory 2023 was held in Riga 18-19th October.  Two days, three stages, 120+ speakers, exciting panel discussions, keynotes, and co-creation events – gathering experts, entreprenuers, scientists and policy makers. Our co-founder Madara Kalniņa-Kalnmale was invited to moderate a panel discussion about Economics Behind the Metaverse together with outstanding experts:

👨‍💼 dr. Christoph Leuze from Stanford University,
👨‍💼 dr. Walter Greenleaf, PhD from Stanford University,
👩‍💼 Ms. Sylvia Lu, CEng, MBA from u-blox,
👨‍💼 Mr. Ioannis Markopoulos from NOVA ICT,
👨‍💼 Mr. Paul Ceely from Digital Catapult.

Apart many valuable insights we concluded that #Metaverse should be immersive and inclusive and not only for a white male from California.
We had amazing experts with a great sense of humour.
And to quote William Gibson – “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”