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Xreal Air - See Different

Augmented Reality glasses – RedFrog’s choice.

Lightweight pocket-sized glasses to provide excellent image quality.

Use Cases

Nebula designed apps to improve

surgical precision for medical staff, amplify in-theatre visual effects, exhibit digital arts and enrich tourist experiences. In addition to business applications, there are also some really interesting consumer applications.

Form Factor & Comfort

148mm x 52mm x 159mm (opened)
148mm x 52mm x 60mm (folded)
3-Position adjustment for optimal gaze angle
Head width from 120-186mm


3840 by 1080 pixels with sRGB 108% color gamut, 8-bit depth for 16.773 million colors
Up to 400 nits perceived brightness
100,000:1 contrast ratio
~46 degree FoV, 49 pixels per degree (PPD)
130″ at 4m (Air Casting Mode), 201″ at 6m (MR Space Mode)
Fingerprint resistant coating, anti-reflective coating


Up to 5 hours of video streaming in Air Casting mode*

Human and Environment Understanding

3DoF head tracking


2 open-ear speakers
Dual microphone array, omnidirectional MEMS microphones
Bass boost, virtual rendering
Echo cancellation, noise cancellation, beamforming, speech enhancement

Controls & Sensors

Screen on/off button
Screen brightness adjustment button
Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
Proximity sensor


Detachable cable
Prescription-lens frame
3 nose pads
Cleaning cloth

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*Xreal Glasses don’t have built-in batteries. The time here is tested with a fully charged phone with a 4000mAh battery capacity, connected to WiFi at the lowest screen brightness.

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